Director's Message: Department of Evaluation and Research Services

Department of Evaluation and Research Services

(formerly Research Administration and Development)

The delivery of services to maintain the health and wellbeing of its citizens is one of society’s most complex undertakings.

Complex, because unlike the manufacture of a product, each patient is unique with no two cases being exactly the same; complex because the delivery of care requires a high degree of specialization, training, and execution by many health care professionals; complex because care includes not only the patient, but often their family, and in some cases, a community; and finally, complex because care is underpinned by scientific discovery that continues to evolve and give rise to advancements in treatments as well as the technology to support those therapies.   

How does this complex system sustain itself and continue to improve health care simultaneously?  ‘Knowledge’ – it is the raw energy that drives health care professionals forward, that transforms into evidence and that in turn provides the real fuel for making the best decisions about how to provide care.  But the stimulus and catalyst for making this transformation comes from ideas; ideas that care givers and patients have about an improvement in treatment; ideas that researchers have from studying theory and formulating a research question to apply to practice; ideas that decision makers have about how to improve efficiency.  The provision of tools and support for care givers, researchers and decision makers to test out ideas is at the heart of our role as Fraser Health’s  ‘one stop shop’ for research and evaluation support services.  We trust that this website will assist you to turn your ideas and the ideas of others into knowledge to provide the ‘best in healthcare’ for our patients, residents and clients. 

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