Research Agenda

Fraser Health has become a highly desirable site for the conduct of research by academic and clinical researchers as well as professional trainees.  Concurrently, one of Fraser Health’s strategic imperatives is to become an ‘Academic Health Organization’.

As part of its Strategic Planning process undertaken in 2008-09, the Department of Evaluation and Research Services identified a preferred research and evaluation agenda for Fraser Health. Internal stakeholders and external informants were involved in the prioritization process that was used to identify the Agenda’s domains and themes.

Preferred research and evaluation domains include:

  • Health Systems and Services
  • Public and Population Health
  • Clinical Intervention

with the following thematic areas:

  • Health Human Resources
  • Care and Service Delivery Models
  • Sustainability of the Healthcare System
  • Clinical Decision Making and Practice Variations

The Agenda will be used to guide teams in planning their research and evaluation activities that the Department of Evaluation and Research Services Team can facilitate.

If you have questions about the Agenda, contact Susan Chunick, Director at  or 604-587-4681.