Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information for Research Related Purposes
As a public body and a steward of personal information, Fraser Health is accountable for the protection of the Privacy and Confidentiality of all Personal information under its custody and control in accordance with existing legislation, public expectations and internationally accepted fair information practices.
Ethical Conduct of Research and Other Studies Involving Human Subjects
This policy is intended to create a research environment within Fraser Health in which the protection of human subjects is considered a priority.
Intellectual Property
The purpose of this policy is to encourage and support innovation and research in Fraser Health. This policy describes the rights and responsibilities, regarding ownership, use and control of intellectual property of FH and of the FH employees and privileged physicians who develop or participate in the development of IP, which includes for the purposes of this policy the definition below, but also research data and research tools, and all proprietary information and know-how related to any of the items covered under the definition.
The purpose of this policy is to describe the authority and obligations under which research activities can be conducted at Fraser Health by FH Researchers; proscribe activities which breach generally acceptable standards of research conduct, and; describe a process for handling allegations of research-related misconduct.
Research Integrity
The purpose of this policy is to describe the Fraser Health Authority’s commitment to foster an environment which promotes and fosters integrity in research and scholarship.
The Provision of Research Related Services to Non Fraser Health Researchers
Specific Fraser Health departments/units may be asked by researchers not affiliated with FH [i.e. External Researchers] to provide Services related to specific research projects.