Strategic Plan: 2014-2019

The Department of Evaluation and Research Services is very pleased to announce the Fraser Health Research Strategic Plan for 2014-2019.  This plan is the result of an 'evidence-informed and collaborative' approach to identifying our five top goals and strategies.  We are grateful to over 100 individuals who with diverse roles as patients, researchers, decision makers and clinicians provided input to the plan in addition to the strategic support provided by Lindsay Macdonald, senior consultant, Strategic Transformation Team.  Although a complicated endeavour, carrying out research from inception to knowledge transfer brings many personal rewards to our researchers and their programs but most importantly brings benefits to our patients.  You will see some examples of how our home grown research has directly benefited patient care in the plan.

Work on the implementation of Year 1 objectives is underway.  If you are interested in the unabridged plan, please contact Susan Chunick, Director, Department of Evaluation and Research Services or Dr. Sonia Singh, Program Medical Director, Research.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to participate in any implementation activities.

Research Strategic Plan for 2014-2019