Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision

To establish Fraser Health as a premier site for the conduct of clinical, health services and population health research such that new knowledge is created and translated into policy and practice to enable “best in health, best in health care” for patients, clients and residents.

Our mission

To provide capacity-building services that enable Fraser Health personnel to conduct research and utilize knowledge for the benefit of residents across the region.

The concept of actualization is our core strategy to support the full potential of Fraser Health in providing the best evidence-based health care for patients, clients and residents. In practice, this concept means providing capacity building services. Capacity building means “developing an organization’s core skills and capabilities in order to build the organization’s effectiveness and sustainability”1. Capacity building is a process that can help us to identify and address issues and gain the insights, knowledge and experience needed to solve problems and implement change. The long term impact of capacity building is to establish research as a ‘driver’ for the core business of providing health care.

Our values

  • Safety and Dignity for human research subjects
  • Accountability and Transparency in the conduct of research
  • Fairness of decisions
  • Quality of service provision
  • Collaboration with clients

Customer Service Standards

Providing excellent customer service is a priority for our department. Within a framework of one-stop customer service, our service provision is guided by the following principles of the Five Rights of Information Management.

  • provide information at the right location – just where it is needed,
  • at the right time – just when it is needed,
  • the right items – just what is needed,
  • in the right context – just in the situation where it is relevant, and,
  • in the right format – in an easy to use way.


[1] Grand Valley State University: The Dorothy A. Johnson Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leaders, Nonprofit Good Practice Guide. 2002-2006.
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