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Please note that Sara O'Shaughnessy will be on maternity leave until June 2017. All applications for REB approval can be emailed directly to the new REB submission inbox, Sara Birjandian,, is replacing Sara O’Shaughnessy as the new Fraser Health Research Ethics Board Coordinator and all ethics-related inquiries may be directed to her. 

Important: Do not store copies of these templates and forms on your own hard drive for future use. Always come back to this page for templates as needed, to ensure that you are using the current version.

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Alternate Word Glossary - University of Western Ontario Health Sciences Research Ethics Board
A glossary for lay terms to medical terminology. The glossary can be used to improve the readability of your informed consent form by following the principles of plain language, including replacing difficult words with easier ones.
Key Definitions
Definitions of words/phrases commonly used in Research Ethics.
A compilation of acronyms commonly used in Research Ethics.

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