Key Approval Steps: The Responsible Conduct of Research

The framework highlights key steps in the research planning process which are required before Fraser Health can provide the final approval for research to commence.

Principal investigators must ensure that the following approvals are obtained for their particular study as identified below. Once obtained, a Letter of Authorization to Conduct Research is e-mailed to the Principal Investigator by our Research Ethics Co-ordinator.   Research is NOT PERMITTED to begin until the principal investigator has received the Letter of Authorization to Conduct Research.  

Applicable Approvals for All Research

  1. Fraser Health Research Ethics Board Certificate of Initial Approval
  2. Fraser Health Department Agreement(s) for Providing Research-Related Services, as applicable

 Additional Applicable Approvals for Regulated Sponsored clinical trials

  1. Clinical Trial Agreement Template between Fraser Health, Principal Investigator and Sponsor
  2. Health Canada Letter of No Objection
  3. Clinical Trial Registration # with a non-profit clinical trails registry, e.g.

Additional Applicable Approvals for Grant Funded Studies

  1. Grant Contribution Agreement

Additional Applicable Approvals for External Affiliated Researchers

  1. Research Collaboration Agreement (inter-institutional)
  2. Study sub-agreement

Letter of Authorization to Conduct Research


Research can begin when the researcher receives the Fraser Health Letter of Authorization to Conduct Research signed by the Director, Department of Evaluation and Research Services.  This letter confirms that all of the applicable approvals have been obtained by the researcher.

This letter is required BEFORE any research-related procedures can be initiated by the Principal Investigator for a particular study. 

Upon receipt of all required approvals, the Department of Evaluation and Research Services emails this Letter of Authorization to Conduct Research to the Principal Investigator, thereby authorizing the Principal Investigator to begin research-related activities.  This letter must be retained by the Principal Investigator for the study file. 

In addition, a copy of this letter must be presented to service departments before their services, previously negotiated using the DAR form, can be provided.