We are pleased to be able to offer support and services for the development of evaluation plans and the utilization of best practices in designing evaluation for Fraser Health decision makers. The “Guide to Planning and Conducting Program Evaluation” offers a comprehensive approach to organizing evaluation, resources for developing aspects of the evaluation plan, considerations for involving stakeholders and best practices to apply when conducting the evaluation. In addition, our Evaluation Registry is a first step in gathering the results of evaluations conducted in Fraser Health and making them available to other Fraser Health decision makers as a source of information for planning and evaluation purposes.

Program Evaluation Workshop Series

This workshop series will cover program evaluation theory, methods, and practice.  This will be presented through an assignment based approach designed to familiarize participants with the process of planning an evaluation.  The assignments will require teams/individuals to work through a variety of approaches to an evaluation plan that addresses an existing workplace need.  Visit our Workshops page to learn more.