Evaluation Registry

Online tool for organizing, cataloguing and sharing The Department of Evaluation and Research Services has developed an Evaluation Registry, an online tool for organizing, cataloguing and sharing information related to the evaluation of Fraser Health programs. The Evaluation Registry was created to support the Research and Academic Development strategic imperative, and supports the strategic objective of having each Fraser Health program establish priorities for research and evaluation.  The registry was developed in collaboration with Fraser Health Library Services and helps to meet the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation standards for Fraser Health being “a learning organization and achieving positive outcomes."

The Evaluation Registry has the following features:

  • Uses RefWorks and RefShare: a web-based database that stores, organizes, catalogues and enables sharing of information and documents
  • RefWorks/RefShare data are stored in Canada on the Scholars Portal at the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) in Toronto, Ontario

Who will the FH Evaluation Registry benefit? Who should use it?

  • Decision-makers
  • Clinicians
  • Evaluation Teams
  • Researchers

Accessing the Registry and submitting entries

Fraser Health personnel may view entries in the Registry by visiting the Research and Library Services website on FH Pulse (e.g. via the Research & Library Intranet). For information on submitting or revising entries or to obtain a mini-guide to using RefShare/RefWorks, please contact the Evaluation Registry representative, Michele Purdon, DERS Library Manager, michelle.purdon@fraserhealth.ca

How can I provide feedback and ask questions?

We would appreciate your feedback on the Fraser Health Evaluation Registry.  If you have suggestions or feedback, please contact the Evaluation Registry representative, Michelle Purdon or Susan Chunick, DERS Director at susan.chunick@fraserhealth.ca.