Knowledge Transfer Planning

Knowledge Transfer Strategic Planning Template


Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Toolkit
Fraser Health Department of Evaluation and Research Services (DERS) has developed a Knowledge Transfer and Exchange (KTE) Toolkit that will enable you to acquire, assess, adapt and apply evidence!

The Fraser Health KTE Toolkit is organized, user-friendly and includes:

  • A glossary of KTE terms
  • Evidence-based links relating to a wide variety of topic areas
  • Resources to enable you to find and implement evidence into practice and decision-making 

The toolkit is divided into four sections:

View our Guide to the Fraser Health Knowledge Transfer and Exchange (KTE) Toolkit to see the complete toolkit layout and material included in each section.

Section One is called The Basics and contains a literature review entitled "Proven KTE Strategies" and contains a Glossary of KTE terms. Section One also contains both a one-page and three page summary of the basics of KTE.

Section Two is called and contains Useful Tools for KTE. This includes reports, worksheets, resource and planning guides, literature, search tools, and presentations that aid in planning KTE.

Useful Tools for KTE:

  • CHSRF KTE resources (Canadian Health Services Research Foundation)
  • Communities of Practice Resource Folder
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Decision Making Resources
  • Dissemination and KTE Planning
  • European Guide to Good Practices in Knowledge Management
  • Literature Search and Review
  • Implementation
  • Knowledge: Brokering / Management / To Action
  • Preparing a Manuscript / an Environmental Scan / a Presentation
  • Transfer of Tacit Knowledge
  • Translating Guidelines into Practice

Section Three holds the three KT Casebooks from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research in the following areas: Institute for Health Services and Policy Research, Institute of Public and Population Health, and Knowledge To Action and Partnerships. Each casebook provides easy-to-read and understand applied examples of KTE with lessons learned.

CIHR KT Casebooks:

  • Institute for Health Services and Policy Research
  • Institute of Public and Population Health
  • Knowledge To Action
  • Partnerships

Section Four provides numerous electronic links (e-links) that connect the user to multiple KTE resources ranging from Epidemiology to Change Management to Health Technology assessment.

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the KTE Toolkit