Funding opportunities

Strategic Priorities and Seed Grants

Are you looking for research project funding? The Department of Evaluation and Research Services is hosts two research grant competitions annually. >> Learn more about the 2015/16 grant winners

Seed grant

The purpose of this grant is to provide initial 'start up' funding to new Fraser Health researchers who have never received funding as a Principal Investigator to conduct research. These funds are intended to enable the awardees to complete a definitive research study or to engage in preliminary research in Fraser Health ($5,000 each lasting up to one year). 

Strategic Priorities grant

The purpose of this grant is to provide operating funding to Fraser Health researchers to undertake research that addresses one of the objectives in the Fraser Health Strategic Imperatives and to support the development of new collaborations and partnerships ($10,000 each lasting up to one year).

More information:

For more information, contact Magdalena Newman, Research and Grant Development Facilitator.