Award Recipients 2015

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Strategic Imperatives and Seed Grant winners

The Department of Evaluation and Research Services (DERS) is very pleased to announce the winners of the 2015-2016 Fraser Health Strategic Imperatives and Seed Grant competitions. We graciously thank all funders who have made these projects possible.

2015/16 Strategic Priorities Grant Winners

Grant funders Principal investigators Study title

Surrey Hospital and Outpatient Centre Foundation

Michelle Tsai

Examining how well the 3ST can prospectively explain suicidal behavior in a psychiatric sample of suicidal adults.

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation

Dr. David Erickson, PhD 

A randomized feasibility study of clozapine vs adjunctive CBT for refractory psychosis.

Professional Practice department

Liz da Silva

Reliability Testing of a Nutrition Acuity Tool.

2015/16 Seed Grant Winners

Grant funders Principal investigators Study title

Rehabilitation and Acquired Brain Injury program

Tina Moran (with Dr. Lynne Feehan as co-Principal Investigator)

Inter-rater reliability of bed-side assessment scales for evaluation of shoulder pain, mobility and spasticity in patients with low level of consciousness following acute stroke. A pilot study.

Professional Practice department

Pet Ming Leung

Effect of a pre-dialysis rehabilitation exercise program for elderly haemodialysis patients on mental and physical health outcomes.

Population and Public Health program

Katayoon (Kathy) Riyazi

Transitioning Patients from Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to Family Physicians (FPs): Identifying Barriers, Alternatives, and Predictors.

Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation

Dr. Caroline Mariano

Clinical utility of a chemotherapy-toxicity prediction tool for elderly cancer patients in a community oncology setting.