Develop a Project Management Plan

Key steps to developing a plan

The development of a viable research study includes composing a project management plan that takes into account the following steps both before and after the research proposal itself is written.

  • Prepare an up to date resume/curriculum vitae
  • Identify appropriate sources of funding
  • Select funding source
  • Develop a timeline for development of research proposal and submission of letter of intent and application for funding
  • Identify the research collaborators
  • Prepare the budget
  • Prepare the grant application package. GRANTSNET of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides useful tips on grant writing which can be transferred to Canadian granting agency requirements
  • Submit grant application to the Department of Evaluation and Research Services to obtain signature of authorizing Executive, Andrew Webb, VP Medicine, prior to submission for funding
  • Submit for and obtain approval by Fraser Health Research Ethics Board prior to or in tandem with application for funding

For assistance with any of the above steps, contact the Research Development Specialist, Kate Keetch, who can:

  • provide overall project management to ensure that Fraser Health internal and agency requirements for funding applications are met
  • co-ordinate the development of the research proposal with the Fraser Health epidemiologist, if required
  • critical review of the grant application

Plan the Research Proposal

This overview of the research design process will guide you through the key steps for planning a viable study. As you review these steps, if consultation with the Fraser Health epidemiologist is required, contact Samar Hejazi ( or 604 587-4438).

  • Generate the idea: Scope the research question and conduct literature reviews
  • Refine the research question
  • Specify goals, hypothesis, objectives and outcome measures
  • Plan the research design
  • Identify sources of data
  • Create the proposal